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Common Returns Questions

Is it easy to return items?

  • Once your return is authorized, you'll receive step-by-step instructions and a shipping label via email.
  • Items must be returned by their due date and in their original packaging to ensure that they are adequately protected upon return. 
  • Retail store bought items can only be returned at store location.

How soon will I get my refund?

  • Please allow up to 7 business days transit time for your package to arrive at our warehouse and 2-3 business days to accept returns once we receive your package. Once your return has been accepted, we will immediately process the reimbursement and send you a confirmation email. The time it takes to restore the credit back to your account depends on the Credit Card Issuer (anywhere from 3-14 business days).
  • Upon receipt of returned merchandise, Brochu Walker reserves the right to deny a refund if the merchandise does not meet the return policy requirements.

What items are returnable?

  • Items shipped out in the last 20 days.
  • Items that have not been worn, washed, damaged, soiled, stained or altered in any way, makeup/tanning product and fragrance transfer will deem the item as worn and will not be accepted. All tags must be attached, and the items must be in its original condition. Please be sure to tape all edges of the package to ensure the product remains in the box while in transit. Damages to returns incurred while in transit will not be accepted. 
  • Our online store can only accept merchandise that has been purchased directly from our website. Merchandise purchased at any other retailers must be returned to the respective retailer.
  • Retail store bought items can only be returned at store location.

International returns?

  • Currently this service is only available for customers located in the USA. If you are outside the USA and looking to return an item, please email [email protected]

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